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West Virginia, Drive On Through

Considering spending time in West Virginia? My advice; drive on through. The overwhelming natural beauty of the state is stained by the poverty and hopelessness of the citizenry and the corrupt forces of government and business that have prevented it's cultural evolution.

Nowhere in the state can you get a decent meal, depending, of course on what you call a decent meal. Local cooks are renown for their chili-dog sauce or sloppy joes(the same thing),green beans seasoned with pork fat, and potatoes au gratin (right out of a box). If you are stopping to eat, wait till you get somewhere like southwestern Pennsylvania and try the local cuisine: baked chicken, cabbage rolls, rigatoni, and salads to die for.

God forbid anyone in their right mind would consider trying to live or work in West Virginia. Your neighbors would most likely be degenerate rednecks, militia members, religious fanatics, or proponents of some other "hate-group" mentality. Anyone with average ability, any education, professional skills, or sense of public awareness left West Virginia long ago to get a job. A few brave souls of higher caliber remain or return because of strong blood ties or some unexplainable bond with nature.

If you intended to work in the state of West Virginia, you would be appalled at the salaries of the mesally few available jobs. Try checking out state jobs on the internet, it's a pitiful example of the economic and social depravity of the State. There is no infra-structure! West Virginia exists economically by raping it's natural resources and that includes it's labor force as well as it's majestic forests and bituminous coal supplies. There is a slave labor attitude among employers. Forget what you read about the State's strong union tradition, or that crap about "mountaineers are always free". To hold a job in the state of West Virginia is to work for starvation wages and be treated worse than dirt.

If you intended to retire in the State of West Virginia, you might fair slightly better. Land is relatively cheap, and anyone with a hammer in his back pocket calls himself a building contractor. Many of these brave, hungry, independent souls have real talent. Of course, the State will tax your retirement mercilessly, especially military. You will spend a fortune for a heavy duty 4-wheel drive vehicle, the fuel to keep it running, and high insurance rates. Poor road maintenance, bad weather and long distances to vital services make vehicle expenses outrageously high. With help you might be able to tap into the underground economy of West Virginia, where you can trade a hog for auto repairs, get a valuable antique for a broken appliance, or pay a plumber with a gunny sack of ramps. In West Virginia, one can buy anything and everything used at very low prices because everyone is "down on their luck" nearly all the time.

Government in the State is even more pathetic than you might expect. You've got to be a "good old boy" to get elected, unless of course, you are an all out, shameless, carpet-bagging thief. County judges spit 'baccy juice while sitting on the bench and make up the law as they go along. Governors can't find competent persons to serve in their cabinets. State officials are often as not self-serving slicksters, imported from out of state, who line their pockets before being run-out or moving on to bilk greener pastures.

Education in West Virginia is as good as the individual classroom teacher. That is probably true anywhere. Education officials in West Virginia have lately taken to closing small rural schools so kids spend two or three hours a day being bussed to consolidated schools where they can become acquainted with the seedier aspects of youthful life in America. No one involved in education at the State level knows about or believes in distance learning or computer aided-instruction, unless their most recent paramour is selling IBM's.

Worst of all, nobody seems to care. Intellegence and integrity moved out of West Virginia for lack of nurishment. Now, West Virginia desperately needs your tourist dollars, spend them in a more progressive state.

Mountain Man
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