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Bullies At Work?: information on workplace bullying
Surviving Workplace Bullying: building a support system for the hurting
Getting Even with Bullies: setting priorities and legal information
The Workdoctors: employee advocates/good folks
Tim Field's Workplace Bullying: great information, research and stats
The Disgruntled Employee: an online magazine for employees with gripes
*Forum for Bullied Workers*: please share your story
Workplace Bullies Flex Their Muscles: article on workplace bullying
A Simple Solution to Workplace Bullying: how to get out the word quickly and easily
Workplace Humor: caustic but humorous bully attack sites

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Are you being harassed, abused, or discriminated against at work? I call it Bullying; it was done to me, and I believe it is happening all too often in the American workplace.

Since 1994, Sweden has had an ordinance against victimization at work. Victimization is defined as "recurrent reprehensible or distinctly negative actions which are directed against individual employees in an offensive manner and can result in those employees being placed outside the work community."

Estimates are that 1/3 of workers believe they are being victimized by management. Even higher numbers report having worked for a bullying boss sometime during their life. It benefits no one to have even more people bullied or stressed out of the workforce, and employers need to recognize the financial as well as personal cost of their actions.

In Title 7, we have legislated our disgust with abuse and discrimination, but there is little legislation or case law in the US to address victimization not covered by "protected class" wording. It is after all, the abuse and discrimination that we all find so objectionable, the strong preying on the weak! In our "employment at will" economy all workers are potential prey and need protection under the law. Nothing is presently more currupt and unjust than the internal grievance procedure of private companies and public agencies. We all know this but look the other way until we become victims of bullying.

* Also beware of filing a discrimination complaint with EEOC, their bureaucratic mess can tie you up for years while they investigate your claim and they may or may not give you a letter to sue. I guess if they hold you up until the statute of limitations run out, or you starve or freeze to death or jump off a bridge, they can file your case as closed.

This web page is devoted to helping bullied workers: Identify the problem, get Support for their suffering, and Fight Back using legal tactics.

UPDATES of INTEREST*Click on the Bullybasher Information Page.

My Story

For nearly ten years I worked for a state agency in West Virginia, under a serial bully; a monstrous geek who belittled, humiliated, threatened, falsely accused, investigated, and even assaulted me and my co-workers. Through this abuse of administrative prerogative; health, lives and careers were ruined. People struggled to their jobs in a hostile and dangerous work environment; while being unfairly disciplined and fired, picked off one by one!

I first got support from my friends and family, I was lucky. Then I found others involved with groups like this one, on the web. Once I found others who believed me or who had been through similar circumstances, I was ready to find information. I needed to know about what was being done to me and why. I was able to put a name to it (bullying), and that's when I stopped blaming myself. At that point I ceased to be a victim. I even found out I had some choices, options and resources. I survived, you can too. I offer back to you what was given to me.

"Be calm in the face of all common disgraces, and know what they're doing it for." Gordon Lightfoot